Welcome to SAGGY's Website!

Just who is SAGGY. Well SAGGY stands for Scouts and Girl Guides York. Our membership consists mainly of Students at the University of York but, also anybody else over the age of 18 living in York who'd like to join. SAGGY is essentially a network, but registered as a society with, and financially assisted by York University Student Union (YUSU). We have members from all over the country, from both Scouting and Guiding backgrounds who also hold their own roles in their home Counties, Districts and Groups. If you have a question, would like to hear more about what we do or are interested in becoming more involved with SAGGY, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. To sign up to our mailing list please click here. 

York Challenge Badge

Featuring Vikings, Cats, Nestlé Chocolate and Judi Dench, this is a Challenge Badge for all sections of Scouting and GirlGuiding about one of the UK’s oldest and loveliest cities. You don’t need to be in York/have ever been to York to complete it! Lovingly made by the Scouts and Girl Guides Society at the University of York. Click here to find out more


Our first run of this event was a great success and we plan to do it all again next year, for more information about the event visit our ESCAPE mini-site

Watch the video below to see a small window into just what we do